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Skiguard 830 Touring

Skiguard 830 Touring

Skiguard 860 Touring

Skiguard 860 Touring

Skiguard 860 Sport

Skiguard 860 Sport

Skiguard Hotel

Need a place to store your Skiguard when it's not in use?

We can offer a hassle free storage solution for your Skiguard. Contact us today for more information!

World-Leading Design

Our key objectives have always been quality, aesthetics, functionality and safety.

Skiguard is spearheading the development of low-profile, high quality roof boxes focused on meeting the requirements from a wide range of customers.

Tailored to Perfection

Our cargo boxes are always spec'ed and fitted to best meet the needs of the customer and their vehicle.

Have you ever looked at car with a roof box and thought: that looks terrible...? With a Skiguard on the roof that car would not only had look great, it would have had all the extra cargo space, if not more, than with the large, weird-looking monstrosity.

A Skiguard is designed to compliment and enrich the design of your car rather than ruin it. If you want to take it one step further, may we suggest a custom paint job to match the color of your car?

Chosen by the Best

We have a close working-relationship with the Norwegian Ski Federation. Together with their professional athletes we have had great success implementing solutions and improvements to meet the requirements of even the most detail oriented.


Skiguard + Audi eTron = Really Cool

Perfectly designed roof box for the brand new Audi eTron

Roof Box on Electric Vehicle?

Roof box on EVs: what's the effect on the range?

Prices 2019

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    6-Year Factory Warranty

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    City Crash Tested

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    Fast and Friendly Service

When Safety Matters

All Skiguard models have been voluntarily tested, and approved, at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. This stands as proof of the high quality we strive for.


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