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Where do you ship? 
Answer: We ship our roof boxes all over North America.
Note: Shipping costs depends on destination.


Do you paint the boxes in any color? 
Answer: Yes, we can paint all of our models to match the color of your car, or whatever you might desire. Click through our gallery for inspiration. 


What is the recommended top speed with a Skiguard ski and cargo box on the roof? 
Answer: 70mph.
Note: The recommended top speed varies with what kind of roof rack and car you have. You are advised to check with the roof rack manufacturer as well. 


I have lost my keys, what do I do? 
Answer: No worries, we have spare keys. Contact us through and we will send you a new set. Shipping fees will apply.


How should I store my roof box when not in use? 
Answer: We recommend a Skiguard Box Lift. The box lift is easy to use and the box will be stored safely while utlizing unused space in the ceiling of your garage or carport.
Another option is to lean it against a wall, make sure you have a protective layer between the box and ground to avoid any damage - also, make sure the box is completly closed.


My Skiguard is damaged, what do I do? 
Answer: Contact us at and give us with a detailed damage report with pictures and we will do everything we can to repair the damage. Minor damages are usually easy to repair.


How much can I store in a Skiguard?

Answer: This heavily depends on the size of your gear, but we fit our 830 with up to 6 pairs of alpine skis on a regular basis. If you are a nordic skier you can fit many more, and if you are filling your Skiguard with bags you can expect to fit about 4 duffel bags or carry-on sized suit cases.