How to choose the right roof box?

Skiguard offers advice on how to choose the right roof box for your needs.

Skiguard has designed and manufactured rooftop cargo boxes for more than 30 years. We have experimented with different types of materials and worked with all kinds of cars, roof racks and crossbars throughout our existence. Our strategic objectives have always been safety, excellent fitment and user experience. Here we share some of what we have learned:

What type of roof box to choose?

It’s very important to identify the need before recommending any type of roof box.

  • What is being transported (skis, bags, camping gear, etc.)
  • How often will the box be used (vacations/holidays, every weekend, cross-country road trip)
  • What are the requirements to comfort (sound/wind noise, vibration, ease of access open/close, fuel economy, access to low overhead garages)
  • How to decide what requirements to establish for safety (material, certifications etc)

In general, there are two types of roof boxes readily available on the market: ABS and fiberglass reinforced polyester (fiberglass for short). Fiberglass is significantly more robust and durable than ABS. Roof boxes made in this material are therefore also much higher rated in terms of crash safety and can handle loads up to 165lbs (as long as the cars is rated for it).

Another important factor is the shape of the roof box: low-profile/wide/long vs. tall/narrow/short. The shape of the roof box will drastically alter the handling characteristics of the car, especially at higher speeds. A lower profile implies a lower center of gravity and subsequently less impact on the car’s intended handling.

Weather: Many of us live in areas where the temperatures can vary from sub-zero to over 100F depending on the time of year. The material properties of ABS plastic is heavily influenced by temperature, and when it gets cold the material is known to become stiff, brittle and prone to cracking. As our equipment and gear gets increasingly expensive and valuable, it is good to know that it is safely transported and stored in a fiberglass roof box.


The price range for roof boxes vary and some ABS options are significantly cheaper than higher quality fiberglass boxes. Justifying the purchase of a higher quality product can be done several ways where the expected life of the product can be the main one.

Skiguard Ski & Cargo Boxes are manufactured at our facilities in Norway to ensure the highest level of quality and precision throughout the entire process. We are proud to say that we have some of the safest, best looking and highest quality roof boxes on the market.

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