Keeping the Paint and Finish as new

For Skiguards in stock colors white or black: The color finish of the Ski & Cargo box is a Gelcoat, like that found on other marine grade fiberglass products such as boats and RVs. The Gelcoat is a very durable and easily maintained form of pigmented polyester that will keep its glossy finish for years if maintained properly.

Important Maintenance Instructions: The gelcoat must be waxed and sealed yearly in order to protect the gelcoat from harmful UV light. If this is not done on a regular basis the color will start fading and loose its shine. The wax and sealant used must be intended for fiberglass products (boats, RVs, trailer etc). Regular car wax and sealant are inherently different compounds that may have adverse effect on the gelcoat.

For Skiguards with custom paint: The paint used is automotive grade acrylic paint that behaves just like your car’s paint. This paint requires less maintenance than gelcoat, but should still be waxed and sealed on a regular basis to protect and preserve its finish. For this type of paint, wax and sealant intended for car paint is preferred.


Storing Your Skiguard

When the Ski & Cargo box is stored, it’s important it’s properly closed and resting on a flat surface. It can be stored either lying flat down, or standing up. In either case, it is very important to have a protective layer between the box and ground to avoid causing damage to the finish or fiberglass. It is recommended that Styrofoam or something similar is used.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Apply a little WD40 (or similar lubricant) to the lock and locking mechanism to avoid issues caused by icing in cold weather.

Lubricate the weather stripping with a silicone based lubricant on a regular basis. This will make the box easier to open and close and at the same time preserve the flexibility and integrity of the rubber.

In the case that you lose the keys to your Skiguard, take a close look at the lock cylinder on the box and note down the key number and we can supply you with a spare set.

Safety and Damage Protection

The hardware used to mount the Skiguard to the cross bars or roof rack must be inspected on a regular basis. It is important to ensure that all nuts and bolts tightened properly and that all hardware is intact and not showing any signs of excessive ware or damage. Further, also ensure that the cross bars/roof rack is properly secured to the roof. Advise the owner’s manual for your specific system for more details.

In general, always put the heaviest cargo in the car and the lighter in the Ski & Cargo box. Advise your car’s owner’s manual to ensure that the maximum loading capacity is not exceeded, as this will have a severely negative impact on the car’s handling.

Remember that your car is slightly taller than original now that a Skiguard is on the roof. That means parking garages and other overhead obstacles may be of danger to your car and Skiguard. Always make sure you have enough clearance before entering!

Car washes are generally not designed to handle any type of car accessories such as roof top cargo boxes, bike or kayak racks etc. Consult with the car wash staff to make sure it is safe to use with anything mounted on the roof of your car – you are liable for any damage caused to the car wash and your own vehicle and accessories.