Installation Instructions Skiguard Touring Models

NB: There are many different roof racks/cross bars using different types of mounting techniques. Make sure that you know and follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines before mounting your Skiguard.


1.    On your cross bars, remove the feet from the load bars on one side on both cars. Guide the load bars through the tunnels in the lower half of your Skiguard roof box. Make sure the U-bolts are loosened on the inside of the Skiguard so the load bars can pass through without difficulty.

2.    Reattach the feet to the load bars, but do not fully tighten as adjustments will be needed later.

3.    Lift the Skiguard onto the roof of the car. Ensure that it is moved sufficiently forward so that it does not interfere with the rear hatch when in open position. We usually recommend leaving at least 1cm or ½’’ of clearance between the Skiguard cargo box and the rear hatch.

4.    Adjust the position of the roof box so that it is centered on the middle of the roof and the roof rack. A good way to this without using a tape measure is to gauge it using the antenna, if center mounted, in the rear, and the rear-view mirror in the windshield in the front. Also make sure that the ends of the load bars stick out the same distance on both sides, if applicable.

5.    Tighten all nuts, bolts, and fasteners on the cross bars and inside the Skiguard. Now the cross bars should be securely attached to the car, and the Skiguard tightly and securely fastened to the load bars.

6.    Make sure to go back and recheck that all nuts, bolts, straps etc. on cross bars and inside Skiguard are properly tightened on a regular basis.

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