You will need:

  • 1 strong friend

  • Knife or something with a sharp point

  • Tape measure (not required, but recommended)

  • 13mm / 1/2'' socket or wrench (only required for select few U-bolt installations)

Included inside Skiguard Sport Model:

  • Plastic bag containing two sets of quick-release tie-downs and mounting hardware

  • Pair of cargo organizers

  • Set of keys (tied to the strap in the rear)


Step 1: Cross bar installation

If not already done, install your cross bars. Make sure to follow all guidelines as set forth by the manufacturer. Pro-tip: Adjustments to the mounting location of the cross bars may be required, so do not fully tighten the cross bars until the end. Also, if you have been supplied with T-bolts (see Step 5), cut 2x 50cm / 20 inches of the rubber sealing and install in the center of the cross bars.


Step 2: Unwrapping the Skiguard

Pull the Skiguard out of the cardboard box and lay it down on top of the cardboard box. Now remove the plastic wrapping. Be careful not to scratch the surface if using a knife to cut off plastic. Pro-tip: make sure all tape is removed from the Skiguard – it will not be easy to get off after a few weeks in the sun!


Step 3: Lift the Skiguard onto the car

Gently lift the Skiguard onto the cross bars. The open cut-outs with the four slots should be directly over the cross bars. Pro-tip: with one person in the front and one in the back of the Skiguard, lift the box over your heads and walk to the side of the car. One of the two will lean in and lay the front or back down on a cross bar. Align the open cut-out with the cross bar. Once the front or back is resting on a cross bar, push the box inward so it is resting safely on the roof, and allow the second person to follow with the other end of the box. Now gently slide the box inward until it is nearly centered on the roof. Be aware of the antenna and make sure to lift the box over it to avoid causing any damage.


Step 4: Positioning

With the rear hatch open, move the Skiguard as far back as possible without hitting the hatch. We recommend leaving about 2cm or ¾ inch clearance. To ensure that the Skiguard is properly centered, use a tape measure to adjust its positioning side-to-side. Pro-tip: If you don’t have a tape measure readily available, use the antenna in the rear and the rear-view mirror in the windshield to gauge if the Skiguard is centered.


Step 5: The hardware

Depending on the type of cross bars you have, we have supplied you with one of two hardware options:


You should have:

  • 4x U-bolts

  • 4x Mounting Plates for U-Bolts

  • 8x Nuts (13mm / ½’’) or knob nuts

With the Skiguard correctly positioned on the roof, use a knife to poke 8 holes in the tape sealing the slots inside the box. To gauge the location of the holes, use a U-bolt: from the inside of the box, straddle the cross bar and mark the location of the holes by gently pushing down on the seal. Remove the U-bolt and cut the holes with a knife.

Gently lift on corner of the box at a time and reach under the box with the U-bolt. Straddle the cross bar and press the bolt end of the U-bolt through the holes in the seal. Lower the box and repeat for the remaining 3 corners.   



You should have:

  • 4x 8mm T-bolts

  • 4x plastic clips

  • 4x knob nuts

With the Skiguard correctly positioned on the roof, use a knife to poke 4 holes in the tape sealing the slots inside the box. Gauge where the slot in the box intersects the slot in the cross bar and make a small hole in the seal big enough for the T-bolt to go through.

Slide the T-bolts in from the ends of the cross bars while gently lifting one corner of the box at a time. Once the T-bolt is directly underneath the small hole in the seal, lower the box and guide the bolt through the seal. Repeat this operation for the next 3 bolts.

Use the remaining rubber seal to fill the slots in the cross bars from the T-bolts and out to the end of the slots.


Step 6: Installing tie-downs and cargo organizer

With the bolts now protruding through the slots inside the Skiguard, find the plastic clips or mounting plates and the tie-downs. Take the shortest section of the tie-downs and run the plastic clip or mounting plate through the loop in the ends. These will be used on the driver side of the car. Do the same for the longer section of the tie-downs and place these on the passenger side of the car.

Find the cargo organizers, and lay them across the box directly over the cross bars.

For U-bolt installation: place the cargo organizers directly over the cross bars and make sure they are in between the U-bolts in both ends. Place the mounting plates over the bolts and secure by using the 4x 13mm (1/2’’) nuts or knob nuts supplied. Pro-tip: do not fully tighten yet, we want to make sure the box and cross bars are still perfectly aligned.

For T-bolt installation: the plastic clip has 1 circular hole for the bolt and one rectangular “bridge” to grip the aluminum profile of the cargo organizer. Place the plastic clips over the bolts and cargo organizers in all four corners. Now use the knob nuts to secure the Skiguard. Pro-tip: do not fully tighten yet, we want to make sure the box and cross bars are still perfectly aligned.


Step 7: Double checking fitment

Before tightening down all nuts and bolts on cross bars and inside Skiguard, double check that the cross bars and securely installed and positioned in accordance with the manufacturers specification. Open the rear hatch to make sure there is no interference in fully open position. Gauge or measure to see if the Skiguard is still centered, if not make the necessary adjustments.


Step 8: Securely tighten and fix cross bars and Skiguard in place

You are now ready to go over and tighten all nuts, bolts, straps etc on the cross bars and Skiguard. Follow instructions as supplied by the manufacturer of the cross bars. For the Skiguard hand-tighten the knob nuts. If you are supplied with metal mounting plates and nuts, use a 13mm / ½’’ socket or wrench to tighten the nuts. Tighten until the metal plates have bent and are touching the fiberglass in the box.

Once everything is tightened down and the box is closed, give it a few good pulls and pushes to make sure it is securely fastened. The car might move, but the box should not! Pro-tip: Go back and check all hardware on a regular basis!




You are solely responsible for the safety of you and others by safely installing the cross bars and Skiguard Ski & Cargo Box. Skiguard USA, Inc. is not responsible or liable for any misfortune caused by the failure to properly secure the roof box to the vehicle, as set forth in the Warranty and Disclaimer information.

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