We are proud to introduce skiguard ski and cargo boxes to the North American market. Skiguard of Norway has a long history of manufacturing ski and cargo boxes that are considered among the best in the industry. Quality, aesthetics, and usability have always been top priorities. 

From the production facility in Sigdal, Norway, the roof boxes have evolved for 35 years. Located in one of the most active ski communities in the world -
customer and user feedback has resulted in a nearly perfect product. 

The market for roof top cargo boxes in North America lacks a competitor that provides such a tailored product for car owners that seeks perfection. Our ski and cargo boxes are designed to follow the streamlined designes of modern cars, and with the option of having it painted in any color you desire, the package is complete.

A new era has begun; no longer will roof boxes be a clumpy accessory, but rather an accessory that is a natural extension of your vehicle. With its low profile and aerodynamic properties a Skiguard will reduce wind noise and the impact on your fuel mileage, and as a bonus: get you into those low overhead garages.

Skiguard USA is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and we serve customers across all of North America.

With best regards,

Ivar & Christian
Skiguard USA, Inc