960 T/TE 


960 Touring and Touring Electric* is the largest of our three models. This box has a slightly less curved design than the 830 and 860, and will therefore fit larger cars and SUVs better. If you are looking for a lot of extra space, and still like the aerodynamic and low-profile design of our smaller models, this is it. This design has tunnels casted into its undercarriage and will therefore sit just an inch or two over the roof, making sure you still get access to those low overhead garages. Click here to find the total height of your vehicle.

Features include a forward opening top lid that allows for excellent access from both sides, and a locking system mounted on the back left side of the box. Gas charged lift supports will open the top and keep it in the open position. The Touring Electric is equipped with electric dampers that are remote controlled. This way, with only a push of a button the lid will open and close while a small LED light will illuminate your cargo.

Like all our roof boxes, the 960 is handmade in fiberglass at our family owned and operated factory in Norway. The meticulous process ensures the highest of standards and the best quality on the market.

*960TE is only available in custom orders, and will therefore have longer lead times.



Length: 225cm (88.58'')

Width: 96cm (37.80'')

Height: 31cm (12.20'')

Volume: Approx. 525 L (18.5 cubic ft)

Weight: Approx. 34kg (75 lb)

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester


Suggested Retail Price: $1,399 USD, for pricing information on TE, please contact us here.